PowerWeb Hand Fitness Bundle



PowerWeb Hand Fitness Bundle    This is for the serious athlete that needs to maximize the ability of his hands to reach his full athletic ability. These exercise tools include the Finger Fitness DVD, Chinese Therapy Balls DVD, Chinese Therapy Balls, PowerWeb Combo, FiddlLink.


PowerWeb Hand Fitness Bundle

This is for the serious athlete that need their hands to reach their full potential. These products will help your hands develop strength, limberness and coordination.


1. Finger Fitness: The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide – DVD $24.95

2. Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls – DVD $24.95

3. Chinese Therapy Balls – 73mm (XXX-Large) Solid Chromed metal balls  $49.95

4. Chinese Therapy Balls – 55mm (Large) Hollow Ringing Chromed metal balls  $24.95

5. Power Web Combo  – Ultra Heavy Green and Black Light $39.95

6. FiddlLink $7.95


These products if Sold Separately cost $172.70   PLUS Shipping  

Athletic Bundle only $119.95  with FREE Shipping!

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