Finger Fitness: The Art of Finger Control




VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Finger Fitness: The Art of Finger Control.

This is the revised release of the original video “The Art of Finger Control” offering new exercises, music and graphics. All of the exercises go along with the book and other Finger Fitness DVDs.¬†Greg Irwin takes you step-by-step through the entire level coded exercise program. Each exercise is demonstrated and explained fully so it is easy to follow along. Offered in two separate downloads:

Part A РBeginning Рgreat for people who want to maintain the overall health of their hands. Includes: the Warm-Ups, the Folds, the Taps, the Bends, and the Splits
Part B – Advanced exercises – great for Musicians, Typists, Magicians, and Surgeons. Includes: Combination of Bends and Splits, the Opposites, Shuffling, the Cross-Thrus, and Finger Feats.

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