Athletic Deluxe Bundle




Athletetic Deluxe Bundle -

This is for the serious athlete that need their hands to reach their full potential. These products will help your hands develop strength, limberness and coordination.


1. Finger Fitness: The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide – DVD $24.95

2. Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls – DVD $24.95

3. Chinese Therapy Balls – 73mm (XXX-Large) Solid Chromed metal balls  $49.95

4. Chinese Therapy Balls – 55mm (Large) Hollow Ringing Chromed metal balls  $24.95

5. Power Web Combo  – Ultra Heavy Green and Black Light $39.95

6. FiddlLink $7.95


These products if Sold Separately cost $172.70   PLUS Shipping  

Athletic Bundle only $119.95  with FREE Shipping!

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