3 Instructional Videos – Finger Fitness for Intermediate / Advanced and Chinese Therapy Balls

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Combining Finger Fitness exercises and Chinese Therapy ball routines is a great way to improve the overall ability of your hands. Exercise just about any time or any place!

1. The Complete Hand Workout video – Video Download $14.95 / DVD $24.95

  • Introduction from Meg Robinson, Certified Hand Therapist Featuring: * Enjoyable methods to improve strength and coordination * Five exercises lessons to enhance finger independence dexterity, and agility * Ten fun and easy dance routines to reinforce the lessons learned *  Amazing new finger ballet –  Progressively challenging 10 dance routines that will keep your hands healthy for life! * Basic exercises ideal for use as warm-ups or short breaks in the workplace.
  • The video’s progressive style challenges you to increasingly complex hand exercises with musical and verbal accompaniment. The easy-to-follow format is highly recommended for anyone just starting the Finger Fitness program.
    • One hour and two minutes of step-by-step instruction
    • Part I: Four Warm-Ups, Five Lessons, Ten Dance Routines
    • Part II: Practice Sessions – Ten Dance Routines, Extended Versions

2. The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide video –  Video Download $14.95 / DVD $24.95

Finger Fitness is a series of exercises designed to enhance hand strength, coordination, finger independence and fine motor response – exercises you can do anywhere, any time.  This approach to hand conditioning is a powerful tool for boosting performance and strength in specialized applications, such as playing a musical instrument, typing on a computer or carrying out a delicate surgical procedure.

  • All 15 exercise sections are level coded 1-5 for ease of use.
  • Exercises are ideal for use as warm-ups or short breaks in the workplace to enhance and maintain flexibility and dexterity.
  • Includes two new Dazzling Digital Dances!

3. Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls video –  Video Download $14.95 / DVD $24.95

For expert instruction in using your Chinese Therapy Balls, Finger Fitness™ expert Greg Irwin leads you through a complete series of exercises (beginners – advanced). The video also shows how these balls are manufactured, and shows the Chinese masters in action. Commentary is provided from a certified hand therapist. You can now download the complete video of “Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls” here for $19.95. Start downloading in moments!

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