Read what certified hand therapists and others have to say about Hand Health Unlimited and the Finger Fitness™ program

Hi Greg, I’m Emailing you to say “thank you” for all your pioneering work in hand and finger health. It doesn’t seem fair to leave in at that, since the products and exercises I’ve used from your site over the last 3 years have contributed to enhanced motor skills, muscle and tendon development of my forearms and wrist (I’m a long time functional-fitness trainee and musician), as well as stress management. Thanks a bunch for your expertise! P.S. I’m glad to report I’m moving up to the 73mm Chinese Therapy Balls for 2010.

Michael G. Olympia, WA

Hand Therapy and Healthcare Professionals

” If our patients could perform the majority of the exercises in [the Finger Fitness™ program], they probably would not need our services.”

Randi L. Schatz, OTR, CHT – Journal of Hand Therapy (Jan/Mar 1995)

” Finger Fitness™ enables an individual to control the intricate workings of a powerful tool‹the hand. By mastering Finger Fitness™ techniques, one can improve not only physical dexterity, but overall reflexive responses, enabling him to perform with peak skill and accuracy.”

Meg Robinson, OTR/L – Certified Hand Therapist

” Another school of thought believes that exercises, like those used in rehabilitation of repetitive strain disorders, can also be preventative…. Greg Irwin [of Hand Health Unlimited] has developed such a program.”

Margaret Varnell, RN, RRT – ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals (Oct. 21, 1996)

” I have just borrowed your book and video from a good friend of mine…. As I focus more on the care and healing of the hands in my personal reflexology practice, I see how important exercises such as these can be.”

Lisa Chan – Reflexologist


” The amount of finger control you gain through its Finger Fitness™ exercises is invaluable to any guitarist, bassist, or keyboardist.”

Tom Mulhearn – Guitar Player (June, 1989)

” I began to notice a difference right away in my agility and finger control, which, as a drummer and an artist, are two very important qualities to poses.”

Randy Schimpf – Percussionist / Web Designer



” I’ve done the Finger Fitness™ exercises for three weeks and have improved my typing speed from 55 wpm to 70 wpm, and hope to get it up to 100 wpm.”

Greg Yasko – Student

” As a professional writer, my hands are very important to me. Only recently have I begun to notice limitations in their range of motion, and some stiffness when I’ve been sitting at the keyboard for a long stretch. Since I began doing Finger Fitness™, I’ve noticed an increased range of motion, and my fingers aren’t so stiff after a long day of typing.”

Kate Brauer – Copywriter