Elderly person holding tea cup

Decrease the effects of aging.

You may not be a kid any more but that doesn’t mean you use your hands any less. You are still typing on the computer, playing sports, and performing everyday tasks like opening a jar, but your hands may not feel as young as they use to or perform like they use to. With age comes deterioration, especially if it is coupled with inactivity. Your quality of life may begin to stuff. Exercise has been a proven boost to people of all ages. Keeping active prevents muscle deterioration and atrophy. Why not include exercise for the part of the body we use the most – the hands?

Stay active longer.

Our Finger Fitness program and Hand Health products are designed to help seniors in the following ways. First, the Finger Fitness exercises are ideal for retaining fine motor skills by increasing the strength, coordination and dexterity of the fingers. They are fun and easy and can be done any time any where! Second, our other products can be helpful in building hand, wrist and forearm strength and in turn reducing the likelihood of stress, fatigue and injury.

Ergonomic products assist with everyday tasks.

Regardless of how healthy we are at some point in our lives we will need help. Our ergonomics products are designed to assist with everyday tasks such as opening jars and carrying heavy packages. We have chosen high-quality, low cost items that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle.